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Architecture, interior design ...
Habitats & floating canopies

Etienne Chaillet introduces large-scale drinking water production solutions with the support of the UN

CEREM works closely with Etienne Chaillet on his concepts of renewable energy and ecology for floating territories© and floating forests©

The floating cities designed by Etienne Chaillet have been awarded the Green Cross label for the protection of flora and fauna.

EtienneChaillet© concepts have received federal SPA approval in Latin America

Etienne Chaillet is validated by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of Mexico

Etienne Chaillet is a specialist approved by the Latin American SPA association

Decorator Etienne Chaillet was awarded first prize in the 2005 store renovation challenge by the Toulouse Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIT).

Etienne Chaillet created the most beautiful renovation of Civette 2005 and was awarded the Cigar Trophy.

  • Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come

    Victor Hugo

Our approach

Tailor-made solutions

We identify objectives, assimilate our customers' target profiles and locations, anticipate their desires, and bring to light everything they carry within themselves that they may not have been able to express.

The search for well-being

Etienne Chaillet never stops enriching his work with neuroscientists, psychologists, ergonomists, and exceptional craftsmen

A network of know-how

Etienne Chaillet has built up a network of professionals on every continent.


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