Mur bibliothèque de salon avec double porte galbée chromée décorateur Etienne Chaillet ambiance raffinée, cuir, bois et inox appartement et maison Paris France
Etienne Chaillet wears two hats: floating cities & interior architecture.
interior design, decoration

For 30 years, Etienne Chaillet and his team have been inventing places to live, and turning them into places. Designing and anticipating tomorrow's habitat today. Designing or remastering houses, apartments, hotels, developing sustainable ecotourism. Renovating, styling and outfitting offices and branches, creating original SPAs, restaurants and bars, Etienne Chaillet has the art of enchanting everything he touches.

Each project is unique. We start from scratch. It's an optimized tailor-made solution. The client's purpose, spirit and objective are at the heart of our thinking. Understanding and getting to know the customer's issues is essential. We listen to their silences. Some projects are transgenerational. "I often work to enhance the transmission of an inheritance. The eroticism of the concept, the elegance, the stylistic timelessness of the project are all assets. Etienne Chaillet avoids the trap of trends. At the start of each assignment, we carry out a complete analysis of the situation. The storytelling must make sense. We define objectives, benchmarks, unarticulated needs and improve volumes. The team works to anticipate solutions, and highlight the advantages that will benefit the concept.
Paysagistes et jardiniers avec Etienne Chaillet jardin écoresponsable, récupération eau de pluie, crédit carbone, vaste forets flottantes, Cannes, Nice, Bordeau France
With Etienne Chaillet's trademark creativity, our teams develop solutions on a case-by-case basis.
"Common sense is common sense, simplicity is refinement". Etienne Chaillet.


Well-being in an age of digital evolution and constant acceleration means taking the time to reconnect with serenity. To feel good. "In the problem lies the solution".
Etienne Chaillet has an insatiable appetite for multidisciplinary knowledge. His outlook is divergent and unconventional. He remains lucid, positive and proactive. He questions neuroscientists, ergonomists, musicians, physicists, acousticians, artists... His approach is unpredictable.
Etienne Chaillet loves textures, colors, materials, technical progress, sound and light. He's interested in electromagnetic energy, frequencies and the sensory and cellular responses of the human body to condition attractive spaces. He knows how to direct and recondition behavior and emotional responses. We blossom naturally in the worlds he designs. According to him, everything is interrelated. You have to be generous and want what's best for your fellow man. Love people without prejudice. His holistic approach to a space is unique and delivers surprising results.
Décorateur architecte EtienneChaillet, suite senior chambre lit King size, tête de lit en cuir Luminaire ambiance sexy , matière noble, Appartement B&B Genève Suisse
Ville flottante, forêt flottante crédit carbone et Green Bond Etienne Chaillet © avec production d’eau potable et eau grise recyclée. Maroc, Méditerranée, Afrique, Asie
Butterfly Canopies©, floating forest credit carbon Co2

"The future already exists, but the past is still here"

Yet this future has an impact on our reality. Attentive to our lives, sensitive to the acceleration of societal markers, clear-sighted when it comes to global climatic upheavals, Etienne Chaillet is an active member of the NGO ECOSOC D.P.I., which acts within the framework of collective action for a better world and communal peace under the aegis of the United Nations: ONU. In this capacity, he is working to promote his "Human Positive Territory©", a genuine self-sufficient floating city and floating forest with an ultra-high-performance Carbon Credit.

These floating islands, with their 100% recycled structure and 100% ODD standard, pollute neither fauna nor flora nor water. Surplus in Energy and Pure Drinking Water, with no discharge. True territorial extensions, these immense Butterfly Canopies© with Carbon Credit certified are entitled to a very substantial annual yield of GREEN BOND CO2. These many hectares are largely endowed with arable land, offering surplus food sovereignty without pesticides or water stress, with housing and buildings meeting current EU standards. These floating "lands" are modular, with an open, earthquake-resistant architecture that makes them totally stable. Nothing moves on these vast expanses. Electric vehicles are used to get around, with reinvented urban planning and innovative spatial syntax.

The Butterfly Canopies© trap and permanently remove millions of tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere every month. Accelerated-growth woody solution and marine micro-algae. Our floating cities benefit from millions of fertile, buildable hectares that cannot be mobilized in suburban areas. These floating territories are designed to accommodate the world's growing population in the immediate vicinity of large, often heavily polluted, coastal megalopolises. The speed of implementation is unprecedented. Not only that, but Etienne Chaillet and his colleagues are determined to restore flood-prone areas and other submerged territories that are destined to disappear. His process can redraw coastlines. It can also double the surface area of a coastal state. Limit the predicted exodus of climatic and political migrants, and of populations hit by famine, drought, armed or ethnic conflict... We're talking about a tool for social PEACE.
Forêt flottante et ville flottant Etienne Chaillet, 30 000 hectares autonome en eau potable et énergie verte, Production green bond et dépollution, Bombai Inde
Floating archipelago city 250km². Human Positive Territory© Etienne Chaillet

Copyright EtienneChaillet© 
Artistic director Etienne Chaillet
H2O© Partner of Canopées Papillons and Territoires Flottants EtienneChaillet©