''It took me my whole life to learn to draw like a child.''


The customer's project for living in a place is a fascinating and intimate subject.

The comfort, well-being, harmony, joy and performance that an interior design concept should bring is the agency's top priority.

Every situation, every location and every family or operator has its own particularities that we need to understand.

One family has its own ecosystem that doesn't apply to another. We work on a case-by-case basis. Interior design is a succession of questions to be resolved with common sense and foresight.

Often with a sense of humor and daring!

In a world of "info-besity", Etienne Chaillet takes a step back to get to the heart of the matter. Dream, yes, but remain pragmatic.

Most of the time, the fundamentals of a property are neglected. With relevant criteria, Etienne Chaillet puts people back at the center of living space. He likes to optimize living space. Ingeniously, we increase storage space while maintaining a sense of integration.

Our employees give meaning to detail... Everything moves very fast these days. The quality of time spent is a challenge we take up.

Etienne Chaillet is largely inspired by Feng Shui to merge the place with its occupants. Successful decoration reflects you and uplifts you. Let's go further together. Let's improve your living performance.

Contributing to a family's well-being is in itself very gratifying.

The same goes for a profit center, whatever its intended use. The end customer benefits from our know-how.

We know exactly how to influence average shopping baskets, increase traffic and build loyalty among overexposed customers.

Restoring a brand's image and developing a brand is an art and a profession in which Etienne Chaillet has built up solid experience.

Indeed, Etienne Chaillet has worked extensively in the world of luxury goods, retail, corner shops, services, network management, mass distribution, etc. His team is trained in all the latest sensory tools and processes.

Etienne Chaillet, in charge of markets in Asia, the Middle East and the EU for Lanvin, has always known how to adapt.

He's a Merchandising specialist. A product man.

For him, anything he can imagine can become real. Now or later. A well-designed living environment becomes a trans-generational identity. A property that can be passed on with real added value.

His practice uses all its resources. All the senses are involved: sound, touch, olfactory, visual, gustatory, emotional, subliminal, etheric, energetic, endocrine...

Etienne Chaillet is insatiably curious. Learning is food for the spirit.

He trains his staff in a wide range of innovative and time-honoured techniques, and puts them at the service of his demanding clientele.

In an economic and social world in turmoil, the home, apartment, profit center, hotel, spa, restaurant - any place, public or private - must rise to the challenge of well-being and comfort. It's time to be authentic.

This profession is orchestrated by multiple talents. It's a team effort. I have a deep respect for all craftsmen.

My collaborators are wonderful, but I never forget that each of us needs the others... The strength also lies in surrounding yourself with enthusiastic people who want what they do! We love what we do.

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