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Interior architect, design maverick, specialist in the world of luxury, a man of taste and experience who never has his two feet in the same shoe, Etienne Chaillet is quite a personality! Exercising his many talents all over the world.

Etienne Chaillet grew up surrounded by poets, composers, actors, fashion designers, architects... Captains of industry, men of the soil, stonemasons, master upholsterers... At a very young age, he became familiar with crafts and artisans of all kinds. He makes no secret of his interest in astrophysics, quantum mechanics, psychology, neuroscience and interior design.

To be of service to others, you have to love people and respect their cultures. Take an interest in them, listen to them", he says.

For some thirty years now, he has been inventing living spaces with an assertive personality. Designing and anticipating, the habitat of tomorrow is being prepared today. Designing and renovating houses, apartments and hotels, developing generous and exotic eco-tourism. Rethinking, styling or fitting out offices and branches, SPAs, pilot networks, restaurants and bars, Etienne Chaillet has the art of enchanting everything he touches.

Etienne Chaillet began his career in special effects for the film and television industries. He taught at the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-arts de Toulouse, while working in the luxury goods industry. With several activities under his belt, he worked for 20 years in the world of luxury goods, notably for the markets of Europe, Asia and the Middle East (Ralph Lauren US, Lanvin, Groupe LVMH), in Paris, London and Geneva. He then chose to enrich his experience with the retail sector.

His skills are protean. He's a developer. A merchandising man and a determined project designer, a leader of men.

"For me, the end of a project is a prologue". "My only certainties are my mistakes" I'm always learning, and I like that! Everything's in motion, so I have to adapt and develop my skills.

In 1993, after working in Haute Couture, he decided to devote himself to his vocation and set up his own interior architecture, design and concept agency. At his side are architects in many countries, hyper-specialists. Etienne Chaillet is also an expert in retail stores, corner shops and branches. He understands all the worlds from luxury to mass market.

His team combines its talents to serve both private and professional customers.

For almost 6 years now, Etienne Chaillet has been developing a disruptive concept of floating cities and territories in response to the consequences of climate change and paradigm shifts in society.

"They didn't know it was impossible, so they did it" Marks Twain


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